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Managing Your Crazy® Development Workshops

Great for anyone 16 years and older interested in Self Development, Parenting, Couples, Management,

Leadership, Counseling, Teaching, Training, or Coaching.

Learn insights and methods of how the brain is wired to screw us up, and how we are wired to heal.

Finally! An energizing and insightful way to gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

MYCS zeros in quickly on core issues. It removes the pressure and guesswork of what the right questions are to ask.
- Kristi Morrison LPC

Special Event for Certified Providers and Their Guests -

Managing Your Crazy Self® Workshop, Manvel TX

*Certified Providers/CTMs are professionals being trained to deliver the Managing Your Crazy Program

Five Dates: 9 am - Noon

Choose your date at EventBrite, Sundays, January to May, 2020
MYS Counseling & Assessment
20351 Hwy 6 S, Suite B
Manvel, TX 77578

CTM Intermediate Training Event - Current CTMs ONLY

Choose your date at EventBrite, Sundays, January to May, 2020
MYS Counseling & Assessment
20351 Hwy 6 S, Suite B
Manvel, TX 77578

Managing Your Crazy® Professional Development Workshops

The workshop teaches innovative, organic ways to manage your thoughts and emotions to reduce stress, anxiety, fears, and improve relationships. Perfect for individuals, couples, managers, HR professionals, school counselors, teachers, therapists and coaches, the MYC system is simple, educational, and empowering.

What you receive at each workshop:

  • Learn how the Brain vs Mind generates thoughts and emotions to make you feel crazy or help you gain peace in your life
  • Learn how managing “Your Crazy” benefits four key relationship areas in your life: yourself, your mate, your children, your co-workers
  • FREE copy of Managing Your Crazy Self!
  • Book overview, Managing Your Crazy Self!
  • 4 CEUs for Counselors and 4 CPEs for educators and school counselors
  • Many locations include FREE meal

Topics covered in the workshops:

  • The Brain - functions as the hardware, like an operating system, leading us to emotional reactions.
  • The Personality - functions as the software to the brain's hardware that can magnify emotions and perspectives unique to each of us.
  • The Data - life experiences are the data processed in the brain and magnified by the personality.
  • The Workbook - guides you to identify and heal core emotional wounds.
  • The Science - tips to engage the conscious mind and achieve peace and success.

Houston neuroscience, cognitive behavior, lpc certificationPRESENTED BY:
Randy Guttenberger, Certified Personality Insights Analyst, Author and Creator of Managing Your Crazy Self!®

For over 22 years, Randy's mission has been to improve human performance by using a unique combination of science, management, coaching, counseling, and development.

Randy gives an entertaining, unforgettable presentation with healing insights, applying and simplifying state-of-the-art neuroscience on managing the Brain vs Mind.

His program is now being used by licensed counselors and coaches in six states and is growing nationally. It has been presented at various national professional development conventions and is supported by extensive research in the areas of neuroscience and integrated therapy.

Upcoming Public Workshops:

$30 Workshops! Limited Seating - Click below to register!

February 8

Western Towers
5350 S Western Suite 701
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

February 17

Mineral Wells ISD Building
906 Southwest 5th Avenue
Mineral Wells, TX 76067