Manvel-Counseling-Clinic-anxiety-PTSDMYS Clinic Now Open in Manvel TX

The clinic has gotten off the ground and is making inroads in school districts, with EAPs, and increasing client load weekly. We are looking toward adding nursing services as we are in a rural area and being a service in any way we can to the community.

Clients love the attitude of MYS, being proactive, positive, and strengths-based. It is a fresh, new way of counseling that is working for all ages and most conditions. Clients take a baseline assessment of emotion-related symptoms when they make their appointment, then continue as they go through sessions, giving us some great data.

Four More Clinics Targeted for 2020

MYS is targeting 4 more clinics in 2020: New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, and in Virginia but not stopping there!

If you want to partner a clinic get in touch with Randy Guttenberger or Rick Ertell by using our contact us form. MYS provides the program, administrative side, and growth ideas for success.

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