Managing Your Crazy Self!® gives you tools and direction to gain control of your life. It is the basis for the MYS Program! If you are a professional in the field of mental health such as LPC, LCDC, school counselor, coach or in management or human resources, you will learn to understand your clients, students, employees and co-workers better than they understand themselves. Once you learn these insights, you'll never look at life the same again.


Understand Your Brain

Learn how your brain generates thoughts and emotions so you can manage them and achieve peace and success in life and relationships. The brain is naturally wired to screw us up but new neuroscientific discoveries have given insight into how the brain is also wired to heal us!


Understand Your Personality

Learn how you are hard-wired and yet can easily override natural tendencies to be more effective. Your personality is just your starting point; it isn't who you are. You are the decisions that you make. Understand how each part of your personality functions with a different purpose: Behavior Styles, Motivators, Learning Styles, Love Languages, Gifts.

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Understand Your Experiences

Through incredibly simple and insightful one-on-one coaching you can map Where you have been, Where you are today, and Where you want to go! This coaching in just one session answers so many questions about you and empowers you to create the future you desire.

For Individuals, Managing Your Crazy Self!® Benefits Four Key Relationship Areas


Your Children

Your Mate

Your Coworkers

We all have moments when we FEEL 'crazy'...

Explore how to start managing your 'crazy' self!

These coaching steps can be done long distance via podcast/skype/call for you, family members, or employees.

Consulting & Training

Individual coaching gives you personal insights that zero in on core issues for quick resolutions. Many clients experience resolutions to problems they were unaware they had, but that were causing issues in their lives.

Staff Training

The most requested application for businesses, schools and groups is a team session where everyone benefits from the assessment information together, then can experience one-on-one follow-up sessions to coach improvements.

The Book

Managing Your Crazy Self! is an easy read that provides clear ideas so you see improvement quickly.

“You get out of the chute fast, and right away you’ve got me looking at things differently. Your talent and humor come through, and you keep the reader thinking and turning the pages to see what’s next.”- Michael Carr, Freelance Editor


You helped me give myself permission to love myself, and showed me how to think in healthy ways.
—Beth T., Administrator, Practice Owner, New Jersey

I learned more from you in two or three sessions than in years of therapy.
–Marilyn A., HR Director, Practice Owner, Texas  

Why isn’t anyone teaching this? I wish I had learned this long ago.
–Gregg S., COO, Practice Owner, California

I was very interested in how you were going to put the concepts together.  This is well designed, with outlined  materials, and flows very easily to guide counseling someone.
—Leo Sharron , LPC 


Your Instinctive Brain, the "Ostrich"


Your Conscious Mind, the "Rhino"