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A series of books, workshops, videos, and coaching.

A unique coaching development program combining science, management, counseling and coaching in Houston.

Learn to manage "Your Crazy" and improve four key relationship areas of your life.

Your crazy self is you reacting to your out of control emotions. Our brain is wired to screw us up. However, we are also wired to heal. Let Randy show you how!

Four Key Relationship Areas


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Your Children

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Your Mate

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Your Coworkers

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Randy figures people out quickly providing you answers you wanted, usually in just two sessions. His positive insights are energizing and affirming.

Is there an obstacle you'd like to resolve or a goal you'd like to achieve in one of 4 relationships you have? Are you ready for a new life?

Working with Randy isn't just getting great coaching. He gives you tools and direction to know how to gain control of your life. You get immediately results. You can see your whole life at once and know what to do today. It makes so much sense. You wonder why no one ever presented it like this before.


Understand Your Brain

Learn how your brain generates thoughts and emotions so you can manage them better and get peace in life.


Understand Your Personality

Learn how you are hard-wired and yet can easily override natural tendencies to be more effective. Your personality is just your starting point, it isn't who you are. You are the decisions that you make. Understanding how each part of your personality functions with a different purpose: Behavior Styles, Motivators, Learning Styles, Love Languages, Gifts.

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Understand Your Experiences

Through an incredible, simple and insightful, one on one coaching you can map Where you have been, Where you are today, and Where you want to go! This coaching in just one session answers so many questions about you.

These coaching steps can be done long distance via online (podcast/skype/call) for you, family members, or employees.

Five Steps to Your Success

Usually, the first two sessions cover five steps giving you answers you always wanted.
(click on each step for description.)

Contact Me
Complete Assessments
Analyze Your Results
Complete The Workbook of Your Experiences
Set Priorities and Goals with Coaching
Contact Me

Call 281-703-6782 or email me

With your first complimentary call, Randy will listen to your needs, share his program and what you will experience. You will hear his voice and listen to his expertise on how this wonderful program will work for you. He will answer your questions allowing you to decide if this is right for you. Once you set a date/time when you would like to begin you will receive instructions to complete your assessments online prior to the your first session.

Complete Assessments

You will complete your personality assessments on-line prior to the first meeting. This takes about 25 minutes, and you receive results immediately in your email.

Analyze Your Results

In the first session Randy will listen to re-validate your concerns, outline the program with your personal binder, review and teach you about your personality dynamics, and how the brain generates thoughts and emotions. This session is so insightful helping you understand why and how you think the way you do, identify your true motivators, and much more. You will leave feeling somebody really understands me. You will also receive directions to implement right away giving you a new confidence, peace, and solutions.

Complete The Workbook of Your Experiences

The second session, preferred to be within ten days, walks you through completing the Workbook. Here you understand your past, your present, and future setting short term goals. You will be about to view your life with new insights you never considered before. This is where the healing emotions happens. You leave with priorities and simple actions to make the changes to live the life you want.

Set Priorities and Goals with Coaching

The program walks you through how to manage your 3 E's: Expectations, Emotions, and Energy; how to balance your daily schedule, how to identify the (blind) root issue causing your stresses and how to make a simple change for success. Once you gain the first success you can apply the methods to other areas of your life. You will never look at life the same again. Coaching will now be so achievable.

Ongoing coaching is available at your desired pace. Some do so weekly addressing the immediate needs, others biweekly, and some monthly or on an as needed bases.

Meet the two characters that generate your thoughts and emotions.


The Ostrich
Instinctive Brain

(Crazy Self)

The Ostrich represents your Reactive or Crazy Self. It feels thoughts and emotions and reacts to them before your conscious mind kicks in. This Instinctive Brain does a great job operating your body functions and protecting you, but it does not run your calendar or relationships well. You are to do that with your Conscious Mind, which will keep your Crazy Self from running your life.


The Rhino
Conscious Mind

(Healthy You)

The Rhino represents your Conscious Mind. Trust, innovation, creativity, and confidence can only originate from your Rhino Mind, not your Reactive Brain.Your Conscious Mind uses logic and reason to help you manage reactive thoughts and emotions. Your success depends on using your Rhino Mind to override your Ostrich Brain.

Explore how to start managing your crazy self?

Consulting & Training

Individual coaching gives you personal insights that zero in core issues for quickly resolutions. Surprisingly, many clients experience resolving unconsciously problems they didn't know they had that were causing the problems they knew they had.

Staff Training

The most common popular requested application is a team session where everyone benefits from the assessment information together, then one-on- one follow-up sessions to coach improvements.

The Book

“You get out of the chute fast, and right away you’ve got me looking at things differently. Your talent and
humor come through, and you keep the reader thinking and turning the pages to see what’s next.”
- Michael Carr, Freelance Editor


You helped me give myself permission to love myself, and showed me how to think in healthy ways.”


—Beth T., Administrator

Practice Owner, New Jersey

“I learned more from you in two or three sessions than in years of therapy.”




–Marilyn A., HR Director

Practice Owner, Texas

“Why isn’t anyone teaching this? I wish I had learned this long ago.”





–Gregg S., COO

Practice Owner, California

"I was very interested in how you were going to put the concepts together.  This is well designed, with outlined  materials, and flows very easily to guide counseling someone." 

Leo Sharron