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Turning Turbulence Into Tranquilty

Learn how the brain is wired to screw us up, and how we are wired to heal!

Managing Your Crazy Self! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY

An intriguing, easy to read guide on how to manage your thoughts and emotions to gain peace within. This new understanding portrays how your instinctive brain functions through the Ostrich, and your conscious mind through the Rhino. The end result connects quickly with the reader, makes you smile, brings healing and is quite powerful.

Once you understand these insights, you will never look at life the same way again!

Additional Managing Your Crazy Products

Managing Your Crazy Self Set

Book, mug, ostrich, rhino, stress ball
Houston Anxiety Self Help Book

Crazy Ostrich Doll

Name your crazy ostrich self

Managing Your Crazy Self Mug

Remind your ostrich to not be anxious
pic mug2

Rhino Doll

Remember your Rhino is in charge

Managing Your Crazy Silicone Bracelets

Sold in Bags of 6
MYC Bracelets

Improve your life by learning how to manage your crazy self!