"I like to provide maximum return with minimal effort. Solutions can be so simple once you understand the dynamics."
- Randy Guttenberger

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Co-workers / Corporate Leadership

Hiring the right person is one thing, managing them to achieve performance success is very different.

Concerns: Improve communication, improve employee performance ROI, ramp up leaders to 100% quickly, improve retention, reduce turnover, improve selection of good hires, improve staff morale, transition changing management.

MYCS helps...

  • Identify and correct root issues efficiently.
  • Zero in on solutions quickly with a plan of success.
  • Staff understand their new role
  • Staff utilize needed skills for the position
  • Managers understand how to communicate with other people
  • Manage unconscious emotional wounds that are not required
  • Assess staff and culture with proven tools giving you measurable results.
  • Coach leaders from Managers to C-level.

MYCS professional comes on site keeping employees active on the job. Leads staff development or retreats.

Client Testimonials

"Randy helped me manage an employee I was about to fire. The problem wasn't the employee, it was that I didn't know how to manage a great employee. The change happened in just three weeks. She is still with me today, over a decade later. Listen to what he says."  - Toni Cotton, Chief Nurse Officer

"Randy saved us at least six months in adjusting to our new CEO's leadership style. It was a huge transition."  - Michael Thompson, Supply Chain CEO

"Randy gave me a read on my staff that would have taken me six months to figure out." - Jeff Holland, Hospital CEO