MYCS started with a personal mission: "to bring out the best in others, often when they don't see it in themselves, by bringing tools and insights that help them succeed."

It all began a little over 22 years ago...

Managing Your Crazy Self® was conceived by Randy Guttenberger, Author and Personality Insights Analyst, through 22 years of development and proving his concepts. In the book, Managing Your Crazy Self!®, Randy brought to life the principles of how the mind, personality dynamics, and experiences affect individuals and their relationships.

Randy also authored three professional tools addressing the mind, personality traits, and experiences: Managing Your Crazy Self, Managing Your Crazy Self Personality Dynamics, and the Managing Your Crazy Self Workbook.

In just a few short years, the Managing Your Crazy Self!® program has grown into a professional certification program for mental health professionals, human resource professionals, and professional coaches. Randy and the MYCS Executive Team speak, conduct workshops, and online courses for Managing Your Crazy Self!®

Managing Your Crazy Self! is a unique combination of science, management, coaching, counseling, and development to help people gain a clear understanding of their dynamics and provides realistic action steps to achieve the healing and success that is needed.

The concepts in his book, Managing Your Crazy Self! has been taught at UH Victoria graduate counseling program.

Currently, an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) program for elementary and middle schools is being pilot tested in five area Texas schools under the leadership of the Managing Your Crazy Executive Team.

Meet the Characters of Managing Your Crazy Self!®


Neo - The Rhino

The Conscious Mind


Little Neo


Ozzy - The Ostrich

The Instinctive Brain


Little Ozzy

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Director of Operations, LPC, LCDC

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Dr. Rick Ertell


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For a list of providers and certified counselors in Texas and around the country, please visit our Provider/Counselor page. The MYCS Executive team and several providers are also available to conduct on-site training and workshops for your school, business, conference, or event.