"Understanding self, others, and knowing how to successfully adapt." - Bill Bonnstetter

Managing Your Crazy® Development Program Outline


Understanding Personality Dynamics

First - Personality Dynamics - The program begins with understanding your Behavior Style, Motivators, Learning Style, Love Languages, Emotional Intelligence and Gifts. The reason we start with Behavior Style is you cannot escape your behavior. It is vital to master this first dynamic. Your Behavior Style is the software to your brain. Everything is processed through this and understanding it is the key to all else.

Managing Your Crazy Self! Brain vs Mind

Second - Understand how your brain creates thoughts and emotions before your Behavior Style filters them, and how to use tailored methods to override errant emotions.


Workbook Addressing Experiences

Where You Have Been, Where You Are Today, and Where You Want To Go

Third - Completing the workbook with a certified provider helps you discover answers you always wanted to know. It allows your to reframe wounds, establish priorities and goals, and provides solutions for immediate success!


Fourth - A certified provider puts it all together for you: your personality, your thought patterns, behavior changes needed, priorities and goals. This shortens your learning curve so you get immediate knowledge and direction. Once you get it you will never look at life the same again. You will regain control and joy in your life improve your key relationships, and move forward into the future you dreamed of!

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Connect With Your Spirit

Fifth - (optional) You get a practical grasp of how to connect and live with your spiritual dynamics. This isn't about religion; it is about your spiritual constitution. You then can better apply life to your own faith. It is called spirit because it isn't physical. Spirit is separate from the brain, but it, too, filters through the brain and Behavior Style. This is the wonder of the human being coming together!