Being Licensed With The Managing Your Crazy Program Helps You Grow Your Business. Become Certified
and Become a Local Expert.

Use Our Proven Methodology in Your Counseling

Increase Clients

Become the "Go-To" Counselor in Your City

With the Rhino Insight's certification you get an accurate read on clients in 2 sessions, making future counseling sessions much more productive.

- Certified Rhino Insights Counselor

Help Your CLIENTS Understand WHY and HOW to Convert Their Crazy Into Confidence and Success, Both Within Themselves and in Their Relationships.


Managing your crazy self starts with identifying your animal instincts within. In this case it's the Ostrich or the Rhino. Read below to find out who you resonate with and begin the process of finding out how to manage your, well, crazy self. From turbulence to tranquility is within reach!



As an Ostrich...

1. Be led by emotions

2. React rather than act

3. Overprotect yourself from past emotional experiences


As a Rhino...

1. Take charge of your life and run alone

2. Live as if you have no enemies

3. Stay active in the present

Our methodology will help you find the source of your client's issues in 1 - 2 sessions.

Improve productivity and maximize income, Taking your practive to the next level!

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