We are wired to mess up, but we are also wired to heal!

Managing Your Crazy Self! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY

What drives you crazy? Is there something that just sets you off consistently? Is your mind incapable of shutting off all the mental chaotic chatter and stirring emotions? Why is that? What is the root source of your mind coming up with the things it does?

Well, you are about to find out—and discover a great deal more.

Learn to manage your crazy, get help with anxiety, anger issues, uncover the true emotional trauma, calm anxiety attacks, develop stress coping strategies, and stress and anxiety management.

This book is designed to give you insights, in a bit of a humorous way, into how the brain is wired, and explores how you can manage the constantly working instinctive brain, which is your greatest challenge.

You are wired to succeed! It truly is all about what happens between the ears.

Welcome to the discovery of the instinctive brain, the conscious mind, and the human spirit.