MYS Education - providing training and services for the support of veterans and underserved populations teaches what is RIGHT about you!

MYS combines neuroscience, therapy, coaching and spirit in one package. MYS teaches what is RIGHT about you, helping you see your authentic, whole self.

Providing services to underserved populations, MYSEd serves by providing:

  • Workshops for Veterans and their families
  • Training professionals in social services
  • Services to individuals, families, high needs schools, first responders, ministries and more.

Gain a clear understanding of your unique dynamics; MYS provides realistic action steps to achieve the healing and success each client needs.

Contact the Team to speak to your group, conduct workshops, or for more information.

The concepts of MYS, based on the book, Managing Your Crazy Self! have been taught at UH Victoria graduate counseling program and are in use by 92 counselors in seven states and schools in four states.

Purchase the book or other tools:

Meet the Characters of Managing Your Crazy!®


Neo - The Rhino

The Conscious Mind


Little Neo


Ozzy - The Ostrich

The Instinctive Brain


Little Ozzy

MYS Board Members

Houston neuroscience, cognitive behavior, lpc certification

Randy Guttenberger

Chairman, Personality Insights Analyst, Author

Jeff Bush pic

Jeff Bush

 Board Member



Houston Neuroscience Conference Rick Ertell, Ed.D, LPC-S, CART, CSC, CSEC

Dr. Rick Ertell


President, MYS Education, Board Member, Navy Vet


Robert Goldstein

Board Member, Navy Veteran

LPC LCDC cetification houston program

Lydia Giordano

LPC, LCDC, Board Member,




Janice H. Melis

Board Member

Jeff Hutchinson pic

Jeff Hutchinson

 Board Member, Educator,

 12 year Army Veteran

MYS Education teaches individuals what is RIGHT about themselves, enabling them to connect to their authentic self! This is using our team of over 100 counselors and coaches in 8 states and growing every day, Join our ranks by contacting us today to become a Certified Provider!

For a list of providers and certified counselors in Texas and around the country, please visit our Providers/Counselors page. The MYCS Executive team and several providers are also available to conduct on-site training and workshops for your school, business, conference, or event.