Whatever your situation, you will have new insights, hope, and direction.

Do you have...

Concerns to resolve: overcoming the spirit of fear, anxiety thoughts/feelings, clinical depression, low self-esteem, anger issues, abuse, life trauma, self-destructive behaviors, in divorce situation or recovery, or just currently stuck?

 Or, Goals to achieve: improve personal development, communication skills, self-confidence, or seeking career options?

Randy puts neuroscience, management, coaching and counseling, and development all into one individual therapy package. You quickly get answers that put you in control.

  • In your first two sessions you see and understand what you wish you had known long ago. It will make so much sense. Randy helps you see your life dynamics objectively and it doesn't hurt. You will feel such relief and be so glad you did. You will benefit with new understanding, proven tools, a plan with priorities, and support.
  • We all have something to overcome, and that is okay, knowing how is the secret. It is easier than you think and you will see results immediately.
  • Randy brings energy, insights, and humor showing you solutions so you feel calm and in control again.

    Whatever your situation, you will have new hope and direction.