Managing Your Crazy Summer Conference - July 12-13

 An Integrated Neuroscience Modality

Solutions for Mental Health Professionals and Coaches—
LPCs, LCDCs, school counselors, and professional coaches.

The MYCS program simply works with all my clients, any condition, and any age. It is just amazing how well this is received by clients. They love it. That’s why I am so excited to be involved with MYCS. - Rick Ertell, LPCS

Therapists are calling the Managing Your Crazy program a universal modality and feel it helps them take the guesswork out of therapy.

MYCS zeros in quickly on core issues. It removes the pressure and guesswork of what the right questions are for therapists to ask. - Kristi Morrison LPC

MYC is growing nationally with over 35 professionals in six states now implementing the Managing Your Crazy modality in their practices and clinics!

"One of the most amazing things about MYC is that it's quick, painless, and effective. My clients experience those A-ha moments in every session without having to relive painful experiences!" - Lydia Giordano, LPC, LCDC

Come experience an energizing, easy to implement, solution-based program your clients will love. Our team will teach you concepts of the brain, personality, and core emotional wound that will leave you awe-inspired, energized, and hungry to learn more.

Managing Your Crazy
2-Day Conference: Houston 2019

An Integrated Neuroscience Modality

At this conference, learn insights into how the brain is wired to screw us up and  how we are wired to heal, and methods on activating the healing mechanisms we need for success!

Presenters include professional experts in neurodevelopment, trauma, counseling psychology, and behavior analysis. MYCS implements elements of neuroscience, CBT, REBT, mindfulness, trauma informed care, cognitive restructuring, thought-stopping, art therapy, solution-focused therapy, brief therapy, existential therapy, spirituality, motivational interviewing, and neuro-underdevelopment treatment, life-coaching and management to create a comprehensive and life-changing systematic modality for use with all conditions!

Session formats include:

  • Understand how the brain generates thoughts and emotions instinctively, often misleading us to react.
  • Understand how the personality is hardwired, magnifying some instinctive thoughts and emotions while reducing others. Get clarity to why we think and feel one way while others do so differently, and how to adapt and manage emotions effectively.
  • Understand how to identify the core emotional wound and how to heal it.
  • Participate in interactive Role-play: cases and practical scenarios with solution-focused guidance.
  • See how the therapist gains immediate trust through effective communication styles that match how the client thinks towards problems, people, pace, and procedures, helping the client to understand that the therapist knows them better than they know themselves.
  • Understand how to guide the client to quickly overcome their reactive self and take ownership of their authentic self.
  • Learn benefits of MYCS, including learning modules, further training, practical application, billing tips, and income streams.
  • Participate in breakout sessions for therapists, school counselors, and professional coaches.

Conference Presenters & Breakout Session Leaders:

Neuro-Educational Consultant – Faith Haley

By Managing Your Crazy | May 18, 2019

Meet Faith Haley, Neuro-Educational Consultant – Keynote Presenter…

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Becky Kemp, Title I School Counselor

By Managing Your Crazy | May 19, 2019

Meet Becky Kemp, Title I School Counselor – Presenter and Breakout session group leader…

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Lydia Giordano, LPC, LCDC

By Managing Your Crazy | May 19, 2019

Meet Lydia Giordano, LPC, LCDC – Presenter and Breakout session group leader…

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Neuroscience Conference Download

By Managing Your Crazy | June 1, 2019

Download the 2019 Integrated Neuroscience Conference flier and share with your colleagues…

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Rick Ertell, Ed.D, LPC-S, CART, CSC, CSEC

By Managing Your Crazy | June 2, 2019

Meet Rick Ertell, Ed.D, LPC-S, CART, CSC, CSEC, MYCS presenter and Ethics Classes presenter…

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Randy Guttenberger, Author and Personality Insights Analyst

By Managing Your Crazy | July 1, 2019

Meet Randy Guttenberger, MYCS Conference Host, Author, Personality Insights Analyst…

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More presenters to be added soon!

Conference includes:

  • Up to 15 hours of CE's for educators/counselors
  • Free parking and lunch both days

Optional Ethics Classes:

With paid conference ticket, optional one-hour ethics courses available, 3:30 to 6:30, in one hour sessions, on Friday, July 12:

  • Optional ethics class: Managing Your Crazy: 10 Ethical Decision Making Models (3:30-4:30)
  • Optional ethics class: Managing Your Crazy: TCA Ethics (4:30-5:30)
  • Optional ethics class: Managing Your Crazy: ACA Ethics (5:30-6:30)

One hour - $10; Two hours - $20; All three - $25 (in addition to your 2-Day Conference Pass)

You can choose your optional ethics courses the day of the event.

Keynote Presenter:

Faith Haley, NeuroDevelopment Specialist, Founder and President of A Brilliant Foundation, presents Neurodevelopmental Solutions to Learning and Behavior.
In this course you will learn how the brain receives, processes, and stores information. You'll also learn how to mature and organize the Central Nervous System and that it affects everything you do from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

When: July 12-13, 2019

  • July 12 - 9 am - 3 pm
  • July 13 - 9 am - 3 pm
  • Registration/Check-in both days begins at 8:30 am

Where: Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks