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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Managing Your Crazy® Development Workshop includes:

  • Introduction to the client binder includes:

    1. How the Brain vs Mind generate thoughts and emotions
    2. Personality Dynamics that filter perspectives,
    3. Client Personality assessment reports
    4. Workbook - helps heal core emotional wounds, and more.
    5. Plus, you receive instruction manuals and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Managing Your Crazy Self! Book:

    Illustrates how the brain and mind generate thoughts and emotions, identifying which are healthy and which need to be reframed. The cartoon characters make neuroscience simple so clients can understand quickly and take accountability of their day. Clients love the ostrich's face expressions and illustrations which tell the story and connect to their own emotions. Plus, the ostrich doll gives them a constant personal connection and a smile.

  • Personality Dynamic Assessments and booklet:

    Addresses DISC Behavior Style and Motivators Report, Learning Styles, Love Languages, EQ, and Gifts.

    These tools gain trust with the client showing that you understand your client better than they understand themselves.

    Very energizing insights. This helps you each understand how the client perceives problems, people, pace of the day, and procedures as well as six Motivators, identifying the why priorities of their passions. You will understand your client better then they know themselves.

    Assessment results of the client.

  • The Workbook:

    Allows you to guide the client to identify and heal their core subconscious emotional wound they don't know they have with a healthy new perspective.

    This allows them to make conscious decisions gaining back control of their life with peace, and happiness. Includes diagrams of the three E's: Expectations, Emotions, and Energy.

    Plus, how to manage their Best and Worst energy times of their day. And most important you lead them to emotional healing addressing: Where they have been, Where they are today, and Where they want to go.

  • 2 hours of one-on-one with Randy:

    In addition to the four-hour workshop*, you receive an additional two (2) hours, one-on-one with Randy, as a follow up to the workshop.

    *This is only available in the four-hour workshop. The three-hour workshop does not include this extra time. However, Randy is available to discuss additional hours with you.